• Appel à l'ONU pour un moratoire sur la 5G

    Sur une initiative de nos amis anglo-saxons,  nous avons été invités à écrire aux instances internationales, afin qu'elle demandent une pause dans le déploiement de la 5G dans le monde. Ce qui fut fait ce matin. Le texte envoyé est très légèrement différent de celui proposé, en raison de tournures de phrases jugées (peut-être à tort) lourdes ou maladroites..

    Voici ce texte.

    Vous pouvez utilisez l'un de ces liens pour y participer:




    Nous vous demandons à tous d'envoyer cette lettre aux adresses suivantes - si elles sont nombreuses, nous pouvons faire des merveilles :


    UN Secretary General: sgcentral@un.org

    WHO: phedoc@who.int

    WHO office at the UN: whonewyork@who.int

    WHO office at the EU: weu@who.int

    WHO Center for Health Development: wkc@wkc.who.int

    WHO Liaison Office to the African Union and Economic Commission for Africa: afwloaueca@who.int

    WHO Global Service Centre (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia): gscoffice@who.int

    WHO Regional Office for Africa: afrgocom@who.int

    Council on Human Rights: civilsociety@ohchr.org

    To His Excellency António Guterres and Other Esteemed WHO and UN Officials:


    I am writing to ask you to urge government officials worldwide to immediately call a halt to 5G until costs to health, wildlife and the Earth are assessed. 


    5G infrastructure will vastly increase public exposure to wireless radiation and significantly decrease privacy and security. This concerns as well is the mega increase in energy consumption, effects on wildlife - particularly on pollinators, resource extraction and the resultant streams of e-waste, all of which would contribute to environmental damage. 


    Tens of thousands of scientific papers (linked herein) have cited apparent connections from the role of electromagnetic radiation to a multitude of adverse health effects, including depression, infertility, cancer, damage to DNA/gene expression, oxidative stress, pregnancy complications, melatonin production, neurological disorders, immune dysfunction, Alzheimer’s/dementia, Leukemia, etc.


    Over 1,600 scientific papers can be found here :



    Another 4000+ studies can be found here: http://www.bioinitiative.org


    And another 23,840 studies also linked here: www.EMF-portal.org


    To roll out 5G without safety testing would directly breach the Precautionary Principle as well as the Human Right to Informed Consent, enshrined in UN Law. Implementation must halt until more independent research has been conducted to prove this technology is safe for humans and wildlife. Such research must also be accompanied by thorough and comprehensive Public Consultations. Anything else would put lives at risk, be a severe breach of Human Rights, and would amount to assault on the Electromagnetically Sensitive (EMS) who would have nowhere to escape to and would become refugees in their own countries. 


    In conclusion, it would be highly irresponsible to roll out an untested technology which could have disastrous effects for humans and the Environment. In fact, to roll out 5G without Informed Consent or Due Diligence, and with no legitimate liability coverage, would constitute Technological Trespass and be a Crime against Humanity and all life.


    I urge you to do everything you can to protect people and the Environment from this onslaught according to your Duty of Care -- your first and foremost responsibility as public servants. 


    I look forward to your reply and urgent action…


    Many thanks in advance,

    Yours Most Sincerely,

  • Commentaires

    Dimanche 25 Octobre 2020 à 23:18

    Avant de déployer une telle technologie dont toutes les conséquences sont encore ignorées, il convient de vérifier leur nocivité potentielle.

      • Dimanche 25 Octobre 2020 à 23:25

        C'est bien ce que nous démontrons à chaque fois, mais bizarrement "les Autorités" déclarent à chaque fois qu'il n'y a aucune étude. Il y en a des milliers.

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